Mosquito Net for Windows — New Age Retractable Mosquito Net

More air, More Light & complete protection against Insects

Mosquito Net for Windows — New Age Retractable Mosquito Net

Mosquitos are omnipresent insect in India. It is found in all climatic & geographical zones of this country. According to WHO, the following dangerous diseases are caused by mosquito bite.

· Malaria

· Dengue Fever

· Chikungunya

· Zika Fever

· Lymphatic Filariasis (elephantiasis)

· Japanese Encephalitis

Apart from spreading the above mentioned dangerous, mosquito bite leaves very unpleasant itching sensation on a human skin.

Indian households have been using mosquito net for windows to keep the mosquitoes out while enjoying fresh air & natural light. The old conventional mosquito mesh sash or window has following short comings.

· Space Consuming ( Casement Window needs space to open)

· High maintence ( Mild steel mesh rusts & has to be painted )

· Less Air Flow ( Paint & dust clog the holes preventing air flow)

· Less Natural Light ( Thick wooden frame & clogged mesh )

Retractable Mosquito Net for Windows were introduced to overcome the problems users faced in conventional casement mesh shutters.

Retractable Mosquito net for windows have been extremely successful all over the world. As the buildings go towards vertical expansion, space has become the most expensive & elusive. Consumers across the world wanted a window mosquito net solution to overcome all the problems mentioned above.

Retractable mosquito net has the benefits to consumers

1. More Natural Light

2. More Air Circulation.

3. No Expensive Space Wastage

4. Easy & fast to Install

5. No dust settlement.

Retractable Mosquito net for windows are available in 2 models

· Roller Mosquito Net Screen

· Pleated Mosquito Net

These 2 models serve the same purpose i.e. protect human beings from mosquitoes & other insects. These 2 retractable mosquito mesh screen can be used in following manner

Roller Mosquito Net Screen –

Roller mosquito Net has a spring loaded mechanism with side guides & locks to ensure complete sealing from mosquitoes & insects. Roller mosquito net can be used in casement windows, top hung windows, ventilators, French windows, etc. It is especially beneficial in openings above the hand’s reach as the system has cord to pull the mesh down.Fiber glass mesh is used to make roll down mosquito mesh and cheap mesh can tear or break within 10–12 months. Fiber Glass mesh from T.I.E, Italy is one of the best fiber glass mesh for this product. Cheap & unprofessional manufacturers or dealers use substandard spring & locks which result in poor performance. Users should look at history, after sales service & 5 years warranty to choose a reputable & dependable manufacturer.

Pleated Mosquito Net -

Pleated mosquito net was invented in Japan & is technically known as Plisse mosquito net. The product was required because of size limitation in Roll down Mosquito Screen. The pleating of polyester mesh is done on sophisticated pleating machine which have pleating blades& oven working in unison. The pleats act as ribbing to give strength to the mesh when fixed in aluminum frame. PP pleated mesh are useless and should not be used. The mesh thickness has got nothing to do with strength of product. The correct combination of various chemicals mixed with polyester ensures elasticity & tensile strength. Insect Shield meshes are tested for 100 000 cycles of operation. Pleated mesh are very convenient to use and can be operated very easily. This product can be used in larger windows. Pleated mosquito mesh can be used along with honeycomb blackout to work as Duet i.e. mosquito net as well as black out blind.

The versatility of retractable mosquito net systems along with the benefits have made these new age products a big success. The best buying reason is that with all these additional benefits , retractable mosquito screens are big value for money spent and is more affordable than conventional mosquito shutters.



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