Top 5 Worst Flying Hassles — And How to Deal With Them

For any of you travelling frequently and mainly in the US on US carriers, here are some tips for the following air travel hassles.

Hassle 1: Flight schedule Change (and nobody told you)

Make a call to the ticketing agent to get a refund. Try to use the airline’s app and keep the notifications option ON to get all current updates.

Try This: Call the ticketing agent’s emergency customer service number.

What to Expect: The agent should help you get to your destination. (you may have to pay additional expenses up front — then try for a refund from the agent.)

Avoid the problem: Check your itinerary ahead of the flight. Enter your contact information on the airline’s site under your confirm number. Get the airline’s app and enable notifications.

Hassle 2: No Visa, boarding denied

This case is very tricky. There are many countries where you don’t need any visa to travel. But you might face the problem by the airlines during boarding time. So in such case, you can ask for an instant visa from the consulate.

Try this: Push back(Airlines visa info is not always current.) Call the country’s consulate to verify, If it’s necessary, ask the gate agent and/or consulate about an online instant visa.

What to expect: A tussle. If the visa is required, the airline may let you rebook the flight but isn’t obliged to. Note: travel insurance will not cover you here

Avoid the problem: Always check cisa requirements carefully before booking (Especially important if you’re from a different country — e.g. you’re a Taiwanese national visiting the US and traveling on to Hawaii)

Hassle 3: Bad weather, flight cancelled

Better to select early morning flight to avoid any flight cancellation. Else you can ask for a refund.

Try This: Get a jump on rebooking — call the airline while you’re waiting in line for the gate agent. (Airlines must rebook you or refund you, but it’s first-come. first served.)

What to expect: Expenses are on you for any meals, local transport, or hotel stay needed before your re-booked flight departs.

Avoid the problem: Next trip in storm season choose early morning flights, which allow maximum opportunity for recovery and re-routing during the day.

Hassle 4: Bag missing at baggage claim

Better to avoid black-colored luggage. In most cases possible to get back the luggage after an immediate report to the airline’s baggage section.

Try this: Report your loss to the airline’s baggage deak ASAP before leaving the airport.

What to expect: If it’s an honest mistake you’ll get your bag back. For theft, you’ll be reimbursed within the lost-luggage limit(upto $3500 for domestic flights). or more if you paid for excess valuation.

Avoid the problem: Replace black bags with colored ones, or decorate your black bags.

Fact: almost all stolen bags are black

Hassle 5: Travel insurance claim denied

Be sure about every policy before going for any travel insurance. You can’t claim all kinds of travel-related help from travel insurance. Like, travel insurance has nothing to do with denied boarding.

Try this: You can sometimes win ‘fine print’ questions (e.g. new policies regarding Cuba prevented your trip).

What to expect: Usually not covered — changed your mind and cancelled flight; some expenses related to flights purchased with frequent-flier miles, adventure sports accidents costs of ‘medical tourism’ trips.

Avoid the problem: Know what’s covered before you buy, study your policy in the ‘free look period’ before you need it.

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